Admin & Supervisor Team

Medical Admin – Laura Klibanov

Laura was born and raised in Ottawa. She is currently in her 3rd year of nursing school at the University of Ottawa. This will be her first year at CBBO, and she is very excited to take on the role of a medical administrator. Laura is looking forward to working with the Medical Team to ensure a safe summer filled with lots of fun for everyone!


Assistant Program Director: Camper & Staff Engagement – Aaron ‘Jeezy’ Clarke

All aboard everyone! Aaron is so excited to take on the role of Assistant Program Director at camp this summer. This role will feature him in an all-new position as the Head of Staff and Camper Engagement for 2022. Better known in camp as Jeezy, this will be his 14th summer at CBBO. Outside of camp, he is currently in his final year at Brock University studying Sport Management. After being the head of B-Boys in 2021, Jeezy knows what it takes to get the people hyped up. He is looking forward to assisting the admin, supervisors, staff and campers from a rejuvenated perspective. As CBBO’s de-facto Cruise Director, Jeezy is ready to bring his energy, passion, and currency back to camp in what will be the best summer yet!

Head of Waterfront – Samantha Tanner

Samantha is excited to return to camp as Head of the Waterfront. Ever since she was an A girl, the beach, especially wakeboarding, has been her favourite camp activity. After spending most of her CIT summer on ski/wake, two years as a ski/wake staff and head of the program, she’s ready to run the beach and ensure campers have the most fantastic time at the best place in camp. When not at camp, Samantha is pursuing a commerce degree at Concordia University and growing her social media business, but forever dreaming about being at camp. She can’t wait to return to her happy place and share her passion for the waterfront with the campers this summer. With her fantastic group of staff, she knows this will be the best summer yet!

Front Office Program Coordinator – Austin Pellizzer

Adopted from Russia and raised in Ottawa, Austin is very excited to be joining the CBBO administrative team for the Summer of 2022. It is his second year working at CBBO, and he is looking forward to forming friendships and connections with campers and staff. Finishing his studies at Carleton University, he is excited to start the next chapter in his life in Israel advocacy and education. Currently, he serves as Hillel Ottawa’s Israel Advocacy Coordinator. He hopes to apply this to his current position at camp. Austin is excited to build strong and meaningful friendships with staff and campers that will last a lifetime!


Head of Juniors & Assistant to Camper Care – Maya Hughes

Maya is so excited for her second summer at CBBO, as the Head of Juniors and the Assistant to Camper Care. She is originally from Ottawa but is living in Toronto at UofT studying Art History and Cinema. Last year she was head of A Boys and had an amazing first summer! She is so excited to be coming back and can’t wait to make memories with her staff and juniors!!

Head of A-Girls – Jacklyn Friedberg

Jacklyn is so excited to spend her summer at CBBO again! She is currently in her first year of university, majoring in Chemistry at Concordia University. This will be her 9th year at camp. From her CIT year to now, A-Girls is where she is meant to be! She was placed on A-Girls as a CIT, then became an A-Girls Staff in 2019, and then became the Assistant Head of A-Girls in 2021. Jacklyn is most excited to meet all the A girls this summer and make incredible and memorable memories for summer 2022!

Head of A-Boys – Justin Poplove

Justin is originally from Ottawa, Ontario, and is currently in his 2nd year studying life sciences at Queens University, in Kingston. From starting his camp career as a second-year junior in 2010, he is super excited to return in a leadership role for the best unit at camp. He feels ready to take on the major responsibility of the clipboard, and walkie-talkie. Justin’s favourite activities include waterskiing, canoeing, snatch the balloon, eating raisin bran, and listening to “wavin’ flag” to make him think of the CBBOlympics (Go Japan!). After spending two summers on A-Boys, Justin is prepared to take his past experience and craft one of the most memorable and eventful summers for the A-Boys and A-Boy Staff. Everyone should start getting pumped for a summer they will never forget!

Head of B-Girls – Gabby Natovitch

Gabby is super excited to be the Head of the B-Girl Unit this summer! She started her time at CBBO as an A girl in 2011, making this her 11th summer! Gabby has previously worked as a B-Girl Staff as well as Assistant Head of B-Girls in 2021. Gabby is from Toronto, but is currently living in London, Ontario studying business at Western University. Gabby’s favourite activities at camp are snatch the balloon, Israeli dancing and hanging out with friends! Gabby cannot wait to come back to her favourite place and lead the B-Girl unit!

Co-Head of B-Boys – Ben Arnovitz

From Montreal, Ben will soon be studying finance at McGill University. Ben is very excited for the leadership responsibilities that come with being Co-Head of B-Boys. Ben’s first summer was actually as a B-Boy almost a decade ago, and he hasn’t looked back since. Ben is a former A Boy staff, but he’s a sporty guy who is ready for a step up to B-Boys. His favourite activities are football, basketball, canoe and music and he can’t wait to enjoy them with everyone. Ben can’t wait to get back to camp to see some familiar faces, as well as meeting some new ones!

Co-Head of B-Boys – Garner Ross

Garner, born and raised in Montreal, will soon be heading off to Mechanical Engineering at Dawson College. Like his fellow Co-Head, this will be his 8th summer at camp. He was a B-Boy Staff last year and he cannot wait to bring back his energy as the Co-Head this year! Garner is a jack of all trades type of guy, but mainly specializes in all different sports. His favourite ones are football, basketball and golf! As former staff of the year, he cannot wait to make more memories with the B-boys this year!

Head of Senior Girls – Brianna Goldstein

Brianna is beyond excited for her 10th summer at CBBO! After having an awesome summer last year as the assistant Head of Senior Girls, she is eager and ready to take charge as the Head! Brianna grew up in Toronto, Ontario, but is currently living in Montreal and pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Psychology at McGill University. If it’s Friday, you’re sure to find Brianna dancing to Bachalil, Golden Boy and all our other camp favourites! Brianna is most excited to bond with her campers and to have the most fun summer ever!!

Head of Senior Boys – Ben Friedman

Ben was born and raised in Ottawa, Ontario, and is currently studying at Brock University and is pursuing his Bachelor of Kinesiology. Ben started his camp career back in 2014 as a first-year senior and is returning for his 8th summer. After his first 4 summers as a camper and CIT, Ben was a Senior Boys Staff for 2 summers and Head of Landsports last summer. Ben is looking forward to returning to the senior boy unit and taking on a unit head role this summer with a stacked group of staff. Ben loves playing all sports and grew up specializing in hockey, soccer, and football. Ben knows that the ceiling is the roof with summer 2022 and can’t wait for a camptastic summer!

Co-Head of Pathfinders – Brooke Fergenbaum

Brooke started off as a B-Girl in 2012, making this her 10th summer camp. She lives in Montreal and is currently in her second year at McGill University studying management. After being on landsports for two summers, Brooke found her true spot with the PCs in summer 2021. She is looking forward to now co-lead the Pathfinder Unit in summer 2022 and bring a new spirit to the Shabbat program as Head of Shabbat Experience. After a long year away, Brooke can’t wait to be back to enjoy her camp favourites like Olympics and World Cup. She knows it’s gonna be a great summer!!

Co-Head of Pathfinders and CITs & Head of Media – Matthew ‘TK’ Tkatch

Matthew ‘TK’ Tkatch is from Montreal, Canada, where he’s currently studying Communications at Concordia University. He first started spending his summers at CBBO back in 2010 as a first-year A-Boy. He previously worked on B-Boys and Senior Boys, as well as Head of Canoe. After one awesome year on the beach, Matthew is back to being a unit head. This summer, he has his hands full with his roles as the Co-Head of PCs and CITs, as well as leading the Media program. From his time as a camper to joining the Admin team, it’s been a long road for Matthew. He now looks to use what he’s learnt over the years to help the PC and CIT units have their best summers yet. Matthew can’t wait to get to camp and make 2022 the best summer yet!


Hebrew Fellow and Rosh Mishlachat – Adva Rubin

Born and raised in Israel, Adva is excited for her first experience at the camp as the Hebrew Fellow and the Head of the Israeli Delegation. Adva has completed 3 years of service in the Israeli army and is waiting to start a degree in behavioral sciences next year at Ben Gurion University of the Negev (Israel). As a language enthusiast, Adva wants to create excitement for the Hebrew language and to teach how fun and interesting Hebrew can be – and of course, connect to the Jewish roots of each of us through Hebrew. As the head of the Israeli delegation, it is important for her to bring the fun and interesting Israeli spirit to all the camp activities! Adva loves to sing, do yoga and meditation, and meet new friends and people. She can’t wait for the wonderful summer in Canada and to get to know each and every one of you!

Head of the Elite Ski Program – Sydney Jacobs

Sydney is from Toronto and is currently in her second year studying international business at the Schulich School of Business. Although she didn’t grow up at CBBO, in 2019 she decided to follow in her parents’ footsteps and came to join the CBBO family as a ski staff. CBBO is now Sydney’s home away from home. Sydney can’t wait to develop the new ski clinic program and help the next generation of skiers learn to love skiing the way she always has!

Head of Canoe & Sail – Ben Kofsky

Ben is from Ottawa, and he is really looking forward to returning to camp as Head of Canoe & Sail after a three-summer hiatus! Ben is in his final year studying Finance at Dalhousie University. This will be his 9th summer as part of the CBBO family, and the beach has always been a massive part of his camp experience. After serving as a canoe and sail staff in the summers of 2017 and 2018, Ben has experience working on the beach and he’s ecstatic to lead his staff and ensure the most fun and safe experience for campers.

Co-Head of Swim – Adam Greenstone

Adam is from Montreal and is finishing his final year of CEGEP, studying Commerce at Marianopolis College. Since joining the CBBO family in 2013 as an A Boy, the pool was a huge part of Adam’s camp experience. He had always dreamed of one day overseeing the entire program. As a Pathfinder, he spent his placements on swim, and in summer 2021 Adam finally became a swim staff. This summer, he is very excited to return to his home away from home as Co-Head of Swim! In this new role, he is ready to share his creative new ideas and love for CBBO, while leading the swim staff to ensure that campers enjoy the most fun, safe, and unforgettable experiences on the best specialty in camp!

Co-Head of Swim – Lauryn Green

Lauryn is from Montreal and is currently in her second year at Marianopolis College studying Health Sciences. She will be going into her first year at McGill University studying Kinesiology. Lauryn’s first summer at camp was as a first-year B-Girl making this her 9th summer at her home away from home. After being a camper for six summers, going through the CIT program, and being a swim staff, Lauryn is super excited to be the Co-Head of Swim! She’s looking forward to getting to know all her amazing staff and can’t wait to make summer 2022 one to remember!

Head of Landsports & Tennis – Michael Melamed

With 13 summers under his belt, Michael is a true CBBO veteran. Starting his CBBO career as a Junior boy in 2008, Michael is ready to take on a leadership role in camp once again and bring out the clipboard and walkie-talkie to be a Supervisor. Michael is currently studying Commerce at Queen’s University’s Smith School of Business. This upcoming summer, he is looking forward to running the Landsports and Tennis program. Michael’s number one camp hobby is to toss a football around, so you may also see him anywhere and everywhere with a football in his hand … don’t be shy to ask him for a toss. Most of all, Michael is looking forward to reuniting with everyone at camp and having a great summer together.

Head of Music – Jordan Sweetman Burke

After venturing to CBBO all the way from Dublin, Ireland in summer 2019, Jordan is absolutely ecstatic to finally be able to return for another unforgettable summer as part of the music unit, this time as Head of Music! Jordan is currently in his final year of studies at Trinity College Dublin as an Economics Major and is looking forward to doing a lot of travelling after he graduates, starting with camp. In his free time, he loves all things music; playing, listening, writing, performing with his band, and everything in between. Jordan has always had a love of travel, and an ability to get along with people of all ages, but wasn’t sure what to expect when he signed up for camp in 2019. But after only a couple of weeks, he soon realized why CBBO was so special to so many people and knew that once summer was over it wouldn’t be the last he’d see of camp. After a breakout performance as part of the ‘Shabeatles’ in 2019, Jordan is excited to see what new and interesting ideas his fantastic music team can come up with, and hopes to encourage campers of all musical abilities to learn something new and come away from Summer 2022 with a greater appreciation for music!

Head of Drama – Rhys Owen

Rhys was born and raised in Wales, and this is his first year at camp. He studied English Literature and Drama Studies at Bath Spa University and is currently doing an MA in Film Studies at the University of Manchester. Throughout school, university, and elsewhere he has always performed, written, and directed productions as well as taught drama to children (aged 8-16) for work. Also a keen musician and singer, Rhys is a performer in many respects! Some of his favourite memories are working on shows and revelling in the payoff of a terrific show. As a first-timer at CBBO, Rhys cannot wait to make terrific memories, lifelong friends, and new experiences!

Head of Arts & Crafts – Allison Sedlezky

Allison is counting down the days until she can start her job as the Head of A&C this summer! She first came to CBBO as a Junior girl and after a bit of time away, has been back every summer since being a first-year senior! Allison has previously been a bunk staff on B-Girls and Senior Girls but is eager to share her love for art with the rest of the camp. Allison is currently living in Kingston Ontario studying Health Studies at Queens University. Allison’s favourite times spent at camp are when she’s paddleboarding at the waterfront, beading, and making new friends! Allison is excited to be in charge of the A&C for her 8th summer at camp. 

Co-Head of Dance – Paige Edelstein

Paige, born and raised in Montreal, is currently in her final semester studying pure and applied science at Dawson College. She is super excited to be back at her home away from home, entering her 9th summer at CBBO. Last summer she had the best time being a dance staff and is super ready to take on her new role as the Co-Head of Dance. Paige has been dancing ever since she could remember and has a lot of experience teaching dance to kids of all ages. She is looking forward to using her creativity to bring innovative ideas to the dance stage. Paige is super excited to have another unforgettable summer and make amazing memories!!

Co-Head of Dance – Andrea Goldstein

Andrea is super excited to spend another summer at CBBO! She has spent the past 9 summers at camp with people who have become her second family. Some of Andrea’s favourite camp activities include snatch the balloon, world cup, and bonfires. Aside from camp, Andrea loves baking, dogs, and travelling. Andrea is from Toronto, Ontario, but wishes to live in Montreal, where she hopes to study business next year. Andrea loved dance as a camper and staff, and is thrilled to be spending summer 2022 at the dance stage!