Admin & Supervisor Team

Front Office Manager: Erin Smith

Erin is a former CBB camper who has worked as a camp nurse and admin for years in the CBB health centre. This year she is taking her talents to the main cabin to be the Front Office Manager. In this role, Erin will help campers, staff and families to stay connected to each other and to the admin at camp. Erin is a proud mom of three CBB kids and is looking forward to spending the summer at camp with her family and her dog Martha. Erin loves going back to CBB as she met her husband Aaron there! Erin is excited to continue to be part of helping the next generation of CBB campers get the most out of their summer and develop lifelong friendships and memories. In the city, Erin is an active volunteer for many causes and has helped out at her family’s business, Irving Rivers, in the Byward Market.

Assistant Program Director: Jess Bloom

Jess is a Montrealer, a Habs fan, and a soon-to-be McGill Honours Anatomy & Cell Biology graduate. Despite her Montreal roots, CBB of Ottawa is her second home! Having spent seven summers at CBB, she feels so lucky to get to spend another amazing summer in Quyon. She had the best time at camp in 2019 as Head of B-Girls and is so excited to have the opportunity to continue to grow this summer as Assistant Program and Staff Care Director. Before her time as Head of B-Girls, Jess had previously worked as Assistant Head of A-Girls and as a staff member on Senior Girls and B-Girls. After having missed last summer, Jess has a much deeper appreciation for the wonderful CBB of Ottawa community and a renewed belief in camp’s importance. With that in mind, she is so excited to make summer 2021 unforgettable for the campers and the staff!

Co-Head of Waterfront: Max Silverman

Max is originally from Ottawa, and he is really looking forward to returning as Co-Head of the Waterfront after a brief two summer hiatus! This will be his 9th summer at CBB, and the beach has always been a huge part of his camp experience. After serving as a ski staff in the summers of 2016 and 2017, and assistant supervisor in 2018, Max has lots of experience working on the beach. He’s really excited to lead the waterfront staff and wants to ensure campers have the most fun and safe experience while on the beach. Max has been studying life sciences at Queen’s University and will be attending McMaster medical school in the fall of 2021.

Co-Head of Waterfront: Daniel Segal

Born and raised in Ottawa, Ontario, Daniel Segal is currently in his final year studying Finance at the Telfer School of Management at the University of Ottawa. He has been a part of the CBB of Ottawa family since 2007 when he first started camp as a Junior Boy; after a 2-year hiatus, this will be Daniel’s 14th year at CBB! Since the first day Daniel stepped onto the beach, he knew he wanted to be a beach staff and one daydreamed about overseeing the beach program. After Daniel’s CIT year, he was thrilled to work as a sail staff for two years, advancing to the program’s head during his third year. This summer, Daniel is very excited to work closely with his co-head of the beach Max Silverman and is looking forward to creating a safe and fun summer experience for the campers and staff!


Head of Juniors: Michelle Galper

Michelle cannot wait to come back to camp as Head of Juniors and Judaic Program Coordinator!! Michelle has spent all her summers on Juniors, and can’t wait to take the next step as the supervisor of the unit! She is passionate about making Jewish life at camp something memorable and exciting! Michelle was born in Toronto, and now lives in Kingston, where she studies Psychology at Queens University! Her favourite activities are canoeing, hanging with friends, playing snatch the balloon, and dancing around the cabin! Counting down the days!!!!

Head of A Girls: Stefanie Ages

Stef is originally from Ottawa but is currently in her 2nd year studying Commerce at Queen’s University in Kingston.  This upcoming summer will be her 11th as she started coming to CBB all the way back in 2010!   After being a counsellor in training, an A-girl Staff and a Senior Girl staff, Stef is super excited to finally be a supervisor this summer!  She is ready to bring her past experiences and new ideas to the best unit in camp.  Stef hopes both the A-girl staff and campers are as ready as she is for the most amazing summer yet!!

Head of A Boys: Cynthia Sedlezky

Cynthia is from Ottawa and is in her final semester of her psychology undergrad degree at Queen’s university. This will be Cynthia’s 6th summer working with the A Boys, and she could not be more excited! Cynthia has described working at camp as “waking up, having the best day ever, going to sleep, and then doing it all over again the next day”. Cynthia has recognized her love for working with children and intends to become a teacher. Cynthia hopes the A Boys are getting excited for the activities in store, such as Make Me a Sandwich. In this A Boy classic, cabins compete in a variety of challenges, and the winners get to add the wildest ingredients they can think of to a sandwich. Past years’ ingredients have included hot sauce, grass, rocks, and toilet paper. Will any A Boy staff be brave enough to take a bite this year? Cynthia can’t wait to see all the staff and campers soon.

Head of B Girls: Lizzie Greenberg

Lizzie is originally from Ottawa, Ontario and is in her final year of her undergraduate degree at the University of Toronto, where she is majoring in Human Biology. Lizzie has been attending CBB since 2008 as a first year A girl, making this her 13th consecutive summer at camp. She has previously worked as a Junior Girl staff, Pathfinder Girl staff and in 2019 as Head of Juniors. Lizzie cannot wait for this summer with the B Girls! In this new role, she is ready to bring her own camp experiences and creative new ideas and programs to the B unit. Lizzie cannot wait to meet the new B girls and start creating memories for a summer they will never forget!

Head of B Boys: Aaron “Jeezy” Clarke

Hailing from the suburb of Nepean in Ottawa, Aaron is currently in his third year at Brock University studying Sport Management. His first summer at CBB of Ottawa was back in 2008 as a weekender, and he hasn’t looked back since. Following 9 summers as a camper, he spent his first two years as a staff on B-Boys. He spent his final year as a staff on Pathfinder Boys, and while it was yet another excellent summer, he truly missed the energy of the B-Boy unit. Gearing up for his 13th summer, Aaron (famously known, in camp, as Jeezy) can’t wait to be Head of B-Boys! He is ready to bring his spirit and energy back to the greatest unit in the land. Through his passion in diversified areas of camp, including the athletics, aquatics and arts, he is prepared to share his love for CBB with his staff and campers. After the unfortunate summer of 2020, Aaron is extremely excited to bring the hype back to camp, and make Summer 2021 the greatest in history!

Head of Senior Girls: Carlee Linder

Carlee is from Montreal and is currently in her first year at Concordia University majoring in Child Studies in hopes to become an Occupational Therapist. Carlee’s first summer at camp was in 2009, and she hasn’t missed a fun filled summer since, making this her 12th summer at her home-away from home. After being a camper for seven summers, going through the CIT program, being a B Girl staff twice and a PC staff, Carlee is beyond excited to be the Head of Senior Girls! She’s looking forward to spending her summer with her senior ladies and staff! Carlee can’t wait to make summer 2021 the best one yet!

Head of Senior Boys: Jack Friedman

From the nation’s capital, Jack is currently studying Business Marketing at Algonquin College. Jack has an affinity for a wide variety of hobbies and activities. Jack is a multifaceted athlete who partakes in hockey, football, and rugby. When he’s not on the courts he’s on the dance floor as he also has experience in the arts such as dance, drama, and music. In 2020, Jack was looking forward to the opportunity of taking on the leadership responsibilities that came with being Head of Senior Boys. After one long summer that the CBB community spent away from camp, Jack understands the importance of making the 2021 summer the best one yet. Jack is more excited than ever to help his staff and campers have an unbelievable camp experience!

Co-Head of Pathfinders & CITs: Liora Semeria Melamed

Growing up in Montreal, Liora is currently completing her Bachelors in Biological Sciences and majoring in Marine Biology at the University of Guelph. Never having gone to camp as a kid, Liora was thrilled when she got the opportunity to join the CBB family as a first year staff in 2017. After being a staff on B-Girls for two summers and a specialist on A&C, Liora is thrilled to come back to camp after the unfortunate loss of summer 2020. She is honoured to be back for what should have been her 5th summer as the Co-Supervisor of PCs/CITs and Staff Care! She will do everything in her power to make sure the PCs, CITs, and all the staff have everything they need in order to have the best summer of their lives! Liora cannot wait to work alongside her co-supervisor Michael, the other fellow Supervisors and the amazing Camp Directors to make summer 2021 an unforgettable one! 

Co-Head of Pathfinders & CITs: Michael Melamed

With 12 summers under his belt, Michael is a true CBB veteran. Starting his CBB career as a Junior boy in 2008, Michael is ready to take on a leadership role in camp and bring out the clipboard and walkie-talkie to be a Supervisor. Michael is currently studying Commerce at Queen’s University’s Smith School of Business. This upcoming summer, he is looking forward to co-running the Pathfinder and CIT programs. Both Pathfinders and CITs should get hyped for an unreal summer… it’s going to be legendary. Michael’s number 1 camp hobby is to toss a football around, so you may also see him anywhere and everywhere with a football in his hand … don’t be shy to ask him for a toss.


Head of Waterski & Wakeboarding: Samantha Tanner

Samantha is excited to finally return to camp to run the ski/wakeboard program. Ever since she was an A-girl, the beach, especially wakeboarding, has been her favourite activity. After spending most of her CIT summer on ski/wake and two years as a ski/wake staff, she’s ready to take over the program and bring it to new heights. When not at camp, Samantha is pursuing a commerce degree at Concordia University, but always dreaming about being at camp. She can’t wait to get back to her happy place and share her passion for wakeboarding and waterskiing with the campers this summer. With her amazing group of staff, she knows this will be the best summer yet!!!

Head of Canoe: Matthew Tkatch

Matthew ‘TK’ Tkatch is from Montreal, Canada, where he’s currently studying Liberal Arts at Concordia University. He first started spending his summers at CBB back in 2010 as a first year A-Boy. He previously worked on B-Boys and Senior Boys, including time as the co-supervisor. It is his 11th summer, where he is now the head of Canoe. His favourite camp activities include ultimate frisbee, softball, and paddleball. Having spent his previous summers working on units, he’s super excited to try something new and bring his awesome energy to the water. Having missed CBB in 2020, Matthew is really looking forward to coming back to camp, especially in a new and exciting role. Matthew can’t wait to spend everyday at the beach, and will try to make 2021 the best summer yet!

Head of Swim: Brad Uditsky

Brad is very excited to start his first summer at CBB and is aiming to make the pool the place to be this summer! Having an affinity for the water, Brad has taught swimming lessons and lifeguarding for the past several years and is ready to take it to the next level as Supervisor of the Pool. His experience running a pool and training the new guards is going to put the pool back on the map. Prepare for a safe and amazing summer of swimming. He is very enthusiastic to start a new chapter in his camp life at CBB!

Head of Landsports: Ben Friedman

Ben is born and raised in Ottawa, Ontario and is currently studying at Brock University and is pursuing his Bachelor in Kinesiology. Ben started off his CBB career as a first year senior back in 2014 and is returning for his 7th straight summer. After spending his first 4 summers as a camper and CIT, Ben was a staff on senior boys for the last 2 summers. Since 2014, Ben has acquired extensive knowledge of the Landsports program. He has participated in sports since a young age including hockey, soccer and football. Ben is excited to work with staff and campers to provide a landsports program that’s better than ever. Ben knows that the ceiling is the roof with Landsports 2021 and can’t wait for a camptastic summer. 

Head of Tennis: Owain Willoughby

Owain is so excited to spend his second summer at CBB, after working as a land sport staff for the first time in 2019 summer. He has previously worked as a PE teacher at Bayford Primary School in Hertfordshire, England and has spent time travelling in Canada, New Zealand and Australia before COVID. After falling in love with CBB last summer, he can’t wait to come back in a leadership role in the tennis program. Owain is looking forward to bringing knowledge from working in education, and a summer of camp under his belt to make this one even better.

Head of Dance: Onnika Caldeira

Onnika has been dancing since the age of five, and she could not be more excited to share her passion with all the campers this camp season! She is currently studying contemporary dance at the University of Middlesex in London. When she is not dancing, she enjoys watching musicals, painting and exploring the big city. She is really looking forward to bringing back some new material for my second summer at CBB!!

Head of A&C: Sydney Leith

Sydney is from Ottawa and is currently doing a double major in Fine Arts and Concurrent Education at Queens University. She hopes to become an elementary school teacher. This will be Sydney’s 10th summer at Camp B’nai Brith and her third summer working on A&C! Sydney is excited to incorporate her extensive art background and knowledge of fine arts and education into the 2021 A&C program. Ever since her first summer as an A-girl, Sydney always looked forward to A&C at CBB. Sydney is planning some new activities and skills but also maintaining old favourites and traditions. Some of these ideas include: themed weeks filled with various crafts, Paint Nights and the Art Show. Sydney’s positive outlook and passion for arts will be evident in her program this summer at CBB. Since summer 2020 Sydney has been teaching zoom art lessons for kids and young adults that includes crafts, painting skills, and drawing techniques. Sydney is excited to get to know and work with all the campers and staff to create long-lasting memories and positive experiences. Sydney is confident that summer 2021 will be the best yet!