Coronavirus Update


Dear CBB of Ottawa families,

It is with heavy and broken hearts that we share the message below with our camp family. 

Unfortunately, based on the decisions of the Quebec and Ontario governments, we must cancel camp this season. 

We held onto the hope that there might be some way to run a camp, albeit very modified, this summer. We discussed, debated and planned for every single imaginable and unimaginable scenario to safely and responsibly open. We were prepared to open but at the same time we respect the government’s decision, and will do our part to keep our society at large healthy and ready for the future.  

We are forever indebted to our incredible CBB of Ottawa community – the children, parents, staff, camp administration, board of directors, and the many other camping organizations – who offered support or a friendly voice, volunteered their time to help scenario plan, and have been unwavering in their commitment to the physical and emotional health of all of our campers throughout the entire year, not just the summer. 

We are beyond devastated and could never have imagined we would be in this situation a few months ago. But, while the world is recalibrating to a new normal so must CBB of Ottawa. We remain incredibly optimistic that our camp community in Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, Florida, New York, California, and beyond will continue to be a source of hope, inspiration and togetherness during this time. Those that have spent even one summer with us know that the deep, personal connections formed at camp are not diminished by distance. We are used to maintaining our close bonds to our camp friends across the street or across the world. 

Will you be providing any support or virtual experience during the summer?
CBB will continue to provide special programming throughout the summer. Stay tuned for more information on this. 

How will refunds work?
We will be sending another update in a week on how you can roll-over, donate or refund your tuition. Please be patient with us as we manage through this time.

Are we planning to get campers, staff and families together to discuss this news?
We will be gathering as a camp family tomorrow at 5:30pm to comfort one another and share words of hope and inspiration. We hope you can join us. We will send the link for our virtual get together tomorrow.

While this news about camp will be devastating to our campers and staff, we hope you can take a moment with your children to acknowledge the sadness together but also to channel the camp spirit and ‘ruach’ that lives within us and them. 

Not a day will go by this summer when we won’t miss hearing the bustling noises of the mess hall, seeing friends walk arm and arm down the path, smelling the bonfire and wiping away the tears of joy and exhaustion that mark each summer. 

As hard as it is to imagine, this year we’ll have to live 22 for 2 (ask your kids if you don’t get this line!). 

If you or your children need anything at all, please let us know. We are always here for you. 

We hope to see you all tomorrow at our camp get together. 

Cindy Presser Benedek, Director

Adam Tanner, Chair of the Board