Terms and Conditions of Registration

I/we hereby agree that:

Section A – Form and Acceptance of Applications

  1. Verbal applications cannot be accepted;
  2. Each application must be completed in full and signed by a parent or guardian in the appropriate places;
  3. Applications must be accompanied by postdated cheques or an approved credit card number with a payment schedule and authorization completed representing the balance of the payments;
  4. Applications are not complete registrations until accepted;
  5. Applications will, in general terms, be accepted on a first come, first served basis. However, Camp B’nai Brith of Ottawa Inc. (after this called “CBBO”) reserves in its sole discretion, the right to depart from acceptance on a first come, first served basis in the best interests of CBBO;
  6. A deposit of not less than $1,000.00 is required with each application. If an amount greater than the deposit is paid, $1,000.00 of the amount paid will be treated as a deposit;

Section B – Deposits, Fees and Refunds

We recognize that decisions to send kids to camp in 2021 have been difficult. So we are introducing some flexibility to our contracts that make things a bit easier for you for this year. These changes apply to summer 2021 only.
Camp Cancellation and Refund Policy

The past year has taken a toll on many of us both financially and mentally and therefore we have pushed back our refund deadlines and have created a three-tiered policy (exclusively for summer 2021).
Our refund policy still applies per the terms and conditions parents signed when originally registering for camp. Below are some updates: 
•   Camp registrations may be cancelled without penalty up to Sunday, May 23 at midnight. To cancel your registration, please email cindy@cbbottawa.com (only emailed requests will be accepted, no phone calls please). 
•   Camp cancellations made between May 24 and June 23 will incur a refund minus 50% of the total camp fees.
•   Camp cancellations made between June 24 – July 3 will incur a refund minus 75% of the total camp fees.
•   In the event that the Quebec government reverses its decision and mandates camp to close after May 23rd, fees will be refunded minus $500 to cover expenses already incurred by the camp making it ready to receive campers.
•   In the event that government travel restrictions change such that a U.S. camper cannot enter into Canada a full refund will apply.

While we are sad to lose any campers, we do have an extensive waitlist and would appreciate you letting us know in a timely manner to allow space for other children.  
Refunds – During Camp
•  Should your camper leave camp due to their own positive COVID-19 test result or that of another camper or staff within their cohort, refunds will be determined on a pro-rata basis minus a $500 non-refundable operational deposit.
•  Please note that the $500 non-refundable operational deposit is being deducted from all refunds to cover any and all fixed camper costs related to opening camp (ie. costs associated with each individual camper regardless of the number of days they have spent at camp).
•  We reserve the right to terminate a registration, at any time during camp, should the camper be dismissed for infractions of policies in which case, no refund will be issued. Infractions include but are not limited to adherence to COVID protocols and procedures, smoking, drugs (including those permitted by law and misuse of over-the-counter or prescription drugs), alcohol, physical abuse, sexual harassment or activity, vandalism, bullying, and any other infraction at the discretion of the camp director.     

Section C – Medical Forms and Issues and Dietary Requirements

16. I/we agree that the required camper medical form is to be completed in full not later than April 30th, and that we will ensure that any medications, accompanies the camper to CBBO on or before opening day.

17. CBBO reserves the right to cancel any registration in the event CBBO is of the view, in its sole discretion, that information on the camper medical form incomplete or inaccurate or missing information on the form discovered before or after the commencement of camp suggests that it is not in the best interests of the child or CBBO for the child to attend CBBO. In such case, a full refund will be provided;

18. CBBO reserves the right to charge additional fees arising out of any costs to CBBO of special food requirements, medical equipment, supervision or any other costs arising out of the information on the camper medical form;

19. I/we agree that if our child indicates a requirement for a gluten-free diet, that CBBO reserves the right to require certification in writing from a medical doctor certified to practice that a gluten-free diet is medically necessary because of a pre-existing disease;

20. I/we authorize CBBO or its delegates, to proceed with appropriate medical care for my child as required in the event I/we cannot be reached (nor the emergency contact person provided by you on the enclosed form) within a reasonable period of time, including transportation in CBBO or private vehicles driven by CBBO staff or volunteers. Even if I can be reached, I/we authorize the transportation of my child to required medical or other treatment in CBBO or private vehicles driven by CBBO staff or volunteers, as required;

21. I/we will pay for the costs of any necessary prescription drugs and/or special medical treatment;

22. I/we hereby agree that CBBO’s medical staff are authorized to share complete information on the medical status and health of my child with the senior staff of CBBO, my child’s unit supervisor, and counselors;

23. If for any reason my/our child requires medical attention or special medication beyond that furnished by CBBO, I/we agree to be responsible for any expenses incurred. In the event of illness requiring my child to be withdrawn from CBBO, I understand that a refund will be pro-rated beginning on the eleventh day of continuous absence;

24. No refunds will be offered for continuous medical absence in the event that the cause is a widespread infectious disease affecting significant numbers (as determined by CBBO, acting reasonably) of persons inside or outside of CBBO. I/We acknowledge that no refund will be processed until the end of CBBO season;

25. I/we agree that I/we will abide, with respect to our child, by the vaccination policy published on our website from time to time. I/we further agree that should we not abide by that policy, our child may not attend camp.

Section D- Termination of Registration and Camper Participation

26. CBBO reserves the right to terminate the registration of any camper when it is deemed by the Camp Director to be in the best interests of the child or CBBO. In such an event, it is understood that an appropriate refund will be issued unless the camper is dismissed for infractions of CBBO’s policies in which case, no refund will be issued. Infractions of CBBO’s policies include but are not limited to smoking, drugs (including those permitted by law and misuse of over-the-counter or prescription drugs), alcohol, physical abuse, sexual harassment or activity, vandalism, bullying and any other inappropriate behavior as solely determined by CBBO’s Camp Director or Board of Directors;

27. Campers may be required to participate in mandatory canoe and/or field trips. Campers that refuse to, for whatever reason, not attend this trip will be returned to their family’s care. In this event, no refund can be given and any transportation expenses incurred will be applied to the family’s account;

28. Campers are required to participate in all scheduled activities save and except for those from which there is a medical exception provided in writing by a qualified physician whom is not a parent. Campers that repeatedly refuse to, for whatever reason, will be returned to their family’s care. In this event, no refund can be given and any transportation expenses incurred will be applied to the family’s account;

Section E – Special Provisions Related to the Covid-19 Pandemic

29. The following provisions apply, notwithstanding any provisions in these terms and conditions to the contrary, for the 2021 camp season:

a) For those families who decided to “roll-over” fees paid for the cancelled 2020 camp season to pay for the 2021 camp season, those fees will be eligible for a full refund up to and including November 1, 2020;

b) I/we agree that CBBO may make changes to its policy regarding the required use of vaccines or therapeutics to combat Covid-19 up to or during the camp season. Should the camp make such changes before or during camp, use of such vaccines or therapeutics shall be mandatory for any camper attending camp. In the event that I/we do not permit the use of same on our child, I/we agree that no refunds will be provided; and,

c) I/we acknowledge that performance by CBBO under these terms and conditions will be subject to laws, regulations and orders of the governments of Ontario, Quebec and Canada.

Section F – General

30. I/we, on behalf of the himself/herself, any child(ren) attending CBBO and his/her/their respective heirs, executors, administrators, successors and assigns hereby forever waives, releases, discharges and indemnifies and holds harmless (including without limitation, for legal fees and any other defence costs) CBBO and its respective directors, officers, members, employees, medical staff, volunteers, officials, participants, agents, sponsors, and representatives (collectively and individually the “Releasees”) and from all claims, demands, damages, costs, expenses, actions and causes of action whether in law or in equity in respect of death, injury, loss or damage to person or property howsoever caused including, without limitation, claims arising from the performance or failure of the performance of any activities by the Releasees (and also including without limitation the negligence or omissions of the Releasees) arising out of or in any way connected to participation in the sporting, social or other activities at or outside CBBO during CBBO programming, and the use of the aforementioned facilities or in any other activity in or outside of CBBO during CBBO programming and by signing below agrees on behalf of the undersigned and the participant to abide by all rules, regulations, financial policies and procedures and standards of conduct;

31. I/we permit, and release and indemnify CBBO from any and all claims for losses of articles and damages arising as a result of: the searching of my camper’s belongings and/or mail for items sent or brought to CBBO that contravene CBBO policy, and the confiscation of and donation of these items;

32. I/we acknowledge that parents/Guardians are strongly discouraged from taking their child out of CBBO during CBBO session. No camper will be permitted to leave CBBO without a written notice prior to 48 hours of requested departure;

33. I/we agree not to hold CBBO responsible for breakage or loss/theft of personal effects. I understand that a camper (and his /her parent) will be financially responsible for any damage he/she may have caused to CBBO property or any of its belongings;

34. I/we agree to be financially responsible for any acts of vandalism perpetrated by my/our child against the property of CBBO or any other person in camp;

35. The resolution of any and all disputes arising from my/our experiences with CBBO including but not limited to CBBO medical team, CBBO’s agents, delegates, volunteers, employees and Directors, shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Province of Ontario and the laws of Canada applicable therein;

36. The Courts of the Province of Ontario shall have exclusive and preferential jurisdiction to entertain any complaint, demand, claim, proceeding, or cause of action whatsoever arising from my experiences with CBBO including but not limited to treatment given to me by CBBO medical team, their agents, delegates, employees. I hereby agree that if I commence any such legal proceedings, that I will do so only in the Province of Ontario;

37. This Agreement and registration and any extension of such registration shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Province of Ontario and the laws of Canada applicable therein, regardless of where acceptance of any extension may take place;

38. By accepting this agreement, I/we consent to CBBO’s collection and use of personal information about me and my family for the purposes of considering the within application and applying such information as may be necessary or appropriate in preparation for, and during CBBO season and thereafter, for correspondence purposes. I/we consent to my child being photographed, videotaped or interviewed and his/her name, image and interview used in CBBO publications, websites and media coverage of CBBO-related events. I/we agree that CBBO may keep such photographs, videos, images and information about us in its records for as long as it is needed for the purposes described above, even if I withdraw this application or my child(ren) do not attend CBBO. I/we further acknowledge and agree that if I refuse or withdraw this consent, my child(ren) may not be permitted to attend or remain in CBBO; and,

39. I/we hereby certify that all information given is true and agree to all the repercussions. This agreement is drawn up in English through the mutual consent of both parties

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