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Friends Friends Friends... We will always be...

If you remember Colour War, Grey Cup, ACP, World Cup, Sleeping in tents, Bonfires, Swim tests, End of Summer dances, the Path, the CIT-A-BOWL, Sign and Song Night, the Mess Hall, Singalongs, the Rec Hal, Human Rakes, beating Camp Echon every year, Stan Katz, the Bear, Beano, Uncle Pin, Morley, UB 1 and UB 2, T-Bob and F-Bob, Overnights, All Day Generals, Nuclear War, Raids, Pillow fights, ``The Junior Boys are We``, All Camp Capture the Flag, the Folklores and Camper Waiters, and Jewish summer camp in the heart of West Quebec, then you are one of us!

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Our Memories

Since our summer camp was founded in 1936, there have been lots of years, thousands of people, and millions of stories. We invite you to share them!



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