Fee Schedule

Session Dates Before Oct. 15, 2018 Deposit Only
by Oct. 15
Early Bird
Option 1
Early Bird
Option 2
7 WEEK Sunday, June 30 – Sunday, August 18 $6,800 $7,000 $7,200
TRANSITION (6-WEEK)* Sunday, June 30 – Sunday, August 11 $6,250 $6,400 $6,550
FIRST 4 WEEK Sunday, June 30 – Sunday, July 28 $5,000 $5,100 $5,200
FIRST 4 WEEK FOR PATHFINDERS Sunday, June 30 – Sunday, July 28 $6,500 $6,600 $6,700
SECOND 3 WEEK Sunday, July 28 – Sunday, August 18 $3,400 $3,500 $3,600
STARTER SESSION 1 (2-WEEK) ** Sunday, June 30 – Sunday, July 14 $2,500 $2,550 $2,600
STARTER SESSION 1b (2-WEEK) ** Sunday, July 14 – Sunday, July 28 $2,500 $2,550 $2,600
STARTER SESSION 2 (2-WEEK) ** Sunday, July 28 – Sunday, August 11 $2,250 $2,300 $2,350
WEEKENDER *** Friday, August 2 – Sunday, August 4 $199
STAYOVERS Starter to First 4 Week Session**** $2,350
Starter to Transition  6-Week Session**** $3,575
First 4-Week Session to Transition 6 Week $1,545
First 4-Week Session to 7 Week $2,195
Starter to Second 3-Week Session**** $1,000
Transition to 7 Week Session**** $845

Early Bird Option 1: Payment Received in full by October 15, 2018

Early Bird Option 2: $1,000 deposit received by October 15, 2018 with the balance paid through 5 equal pre-authorized credit card payments on the 15th of each month from November 2018 to March 2019. Any applicable discounts will be applied to the final month’s payment.

Fees Include:

– All applicable taxes (GST and QST)
– Transportation from Ottawa, Montreal or Toronto on June 30, 2019. Return transportation to Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto on July 28, 2019 and August 18, 2019, and to Ottawa and Montreal on August 11, 2019 (at the end of the 2nd Starter Session and 6-Week Transition Session).
-1st session Starter campers must be picked up at camp at the end of the 2 week Starter Session on July 14, 2019.

– All campers beginning camp on July 28, 2019 depart from Ottawa and Montreal.
– Canteen, camp photo and camp t-shirt ($80 value)
* Transition refers to the opportunity for a Junior, A or B camper who has never attended the 7 week session to experience an extended camp experience. Junior, A, B campers may have access to this session multiple times. Transition campers will be provided return transportation to Ottawa and Montreal.
** Starter refers to new CBB of Ottawa campers placed in Junior, A or B groups
*** Weekender fees do not include transportation (except those attending the 2nd Starter Session beginning July 28, 2019), canteen or camp photo.
**** Includes First Time Camper discount
As we are a charitable organization engaged in the provision of religious services, tax receipts are issued for a portion of the camp fees.



First Time CBB of Ottawa Camper Discount for Juniors/A’s/B’s:

(Starter campers from last year are not eligible for the “first time” discount)

  • $500 (7 wk session)
  • $375 (6 wk session)
  • $250 (4 or 3 wk session)

Sibling Discount – Each Additional Child:

(Sibling discount applies to the least expensive registration. Cannot be combined with new camper discount. Does not apply to Starter campers.)

  • $200 (7 wk session)
  • $150 (6 wk session)
  • $100 (4 or 3 wk session)

Registration Procedure

  • Register online.
  • The following will be the conditions associated with refundable amounts:
  1. The deposit will be returned in full if the application is not accepted;
  2. Once accepted, a $400 processing fee is non-refundable upon deposit;
  3. The full deposit of $1,000 will be non-refundable as of December 1st ;
  4.  All families will pay not less than forty percent (40%) of registration fees by December 15th;
  5. All fees must be paid in full by March 15th; and.
  6. All fees are non-refundable as of March 15th ;
  • Discounts will be forfeited if payments are not received by the camp on or before the required due dates.
  • Upon completion of financial arrangements and the completion and return of all registration materials (including camper health history form, health insurance form), camper’s luggage tickets will be issued.

Financial Assistance

If you require financial assistance to send your child to our camp, full and partial assistance is available.  If financial considerations are preventing you from choosing a longer stay for your child, full and partial assistance may be available for this as well. In order to be given the fullest consideration, applications must be submitted no later than December 1, 2018.

For further information please contact: Cindy Presser Benedek (613) 244-9210.

All requests are kept strictly confidential.