The Untuneable Rec Hall Piano – from Phil Gennis:  “Anytime I hear Bob Dylan, I am reminded of late night jams in the rec-hall with myself, Jeff  Kanter and others, including Mark Zaret (a great keyboard player) and his cousin, Mitch Satov (a fabulous horn player). In hindsight, I really wonder what I was thinking, believing that I could sing!

Pranks and Raids – from Mike Kronick – “I was young at the time – but I remember a “raid” that consisted of 50 -100 frogs in senior girls bunk — a classic.  I don’t know who did it, but it was one for the ages.”

The Denial – from Ralph Kassie – “Lloyd Rossman, Richard Ain and I never did sneak out of the specialists’ bunk after midnight.  We never did go down to the waterfront.  We never did take a canoe.  And we never paddled across to the other side of the river, where we never stopped at a cottage that never housed three young ladies.  And we never stayed to party. And we never made it back to the bunk without waking a soul. And that’s all I have to say.”

Colour War Themes – from Danny Chazonoff – “1982 – Battle of the Bands (The British Invasion – Bue Beatles vs. White Rolling Stones); 1983 – Putting on the Ritz (Viva Las Vegas – Black Magic Revue vs. Silver Star Revue); 1984 – Fight of the Century (ROCKY – Rocky Balboa’s White Stallions vs. Clubber Lang’s Black T’s); 1985 – Rock Supremacy (White Americans (vs. Blue Britons)

1980 Colour War Pamphlet (from Brenda Nadel)

Grey Cup – from Dave Glube – “Grey Cup was the highlight of the camp year.  However my record was horrible.  0-2 in Superbowls and then 0-4 in Grey cups as a player and then 0-2 as a coach!  Anyone match that record?  I never had the sweet pleasure of jumping into the pool.   I believed I cried after each loss.  Remember running into flagpole at breakfeast after your 6am practice and giving a cheer?”

CBB You’re in My Heart – written by Jeff Kanter – a last night tradition at CBB