Camp Song

There are so many
Camps we can choose from
Yet none offer more than here
The spirit we strive for
The growing we live for
It’s our kind of atmosphere

So we all gather together for summers
To pave out our destiny
Someday we’ll wake up
And find that we’re made of
Traditions of CBB

Juniors and A’s, B’s and Seniors, Pathfinder’s, CIT’s
Experience together
Sharing forever
Caring and fulfilling needs

Units are ages at all different stages
Developing personalities
Someday we’ll reach it
This camp it can teach it
Our dreams start at CBB

All of us under it’s spell
We know that it’s probably magic
We’re always learning
Campfires burning
The light glows and leads the way

Landsport, aquatics
People that frolic
We all go about our day

Judaic programming we learn to grasp
All about our past
Someday we’ll etch it
Our memories have sketched it
A life here at CBB

La La LaLa La De De
A life here at CBB