Employment Opportunities

Camp B’nai Brith of Ottawa is an overnight summer camp located in Quyon, Quebec. The campers’ happiness and well-being are our primary considerations at CBB. With that in mind, we like to employ a highly trained and qualified staff to ensure a safe, nurturing environment where each child can participate and achieve at his/her own pace. Under the supervision and care of our highly qualified staff, our campers not only develop athletic and artistic skills, but are also encouraged to take on tasks which will enable them to become more responsible and self-confident.

Thank you for your interest in a position at Camp B’nai Brith of Ottawa. Whether you are applying for a senior staff position, cabin counsellor, specialist, kitchen or administration, we ask that you consider the following. Camp B’nai Brith of Ottawa is interested in staff personnel who:

  1. Are concerned about the needs of the group.
  2. Are concerned about the needs of each camper in the group.
  3. Enjoy being with young people.
  4. Enjoy being outdoors.
  5. Are interested in meeting new people.
  6. Will take part in the total camp program.
  7. Will do whatever it takes to ensure that their job is successfully done.
  8. Can accept constructive criticism as well as praise.
  9. Will give extra time if required.
  10. Will follow camp policies.


We are looking for staff who want to get totally involved in the camp and its program.

If you are interested and your reaction has been positive to each of the above points, then please do the following:

  1. Browse through the website to get an idea about what CBB is all about
  2. Complete a staff application form

If you have any questions in regards to the hiring process, please email Jill at jill@cbbottawa.com.

International Staff

We are pleased to hire International Staff, adding a unique element to our CBB of Ottawa team!

We are pleased to partner with several international staffing companies. If you are interested in applying for a summer position at CBB of Ottawa, please click on any of the logos below, and their friendly staff will be happy to work you through the process!