“Piv”, on behalf of CBB of Ottawa and our entire community, we thank you!

Jonathan moved to Ottawa in 1966 from Toronto, and hardly knew anyone in the Jewish Community (except for the few people in his Talmud Torah afternoon class), so his parents decided to send him to CBB to become connected to the Jewish community. Who knew what an impact CBB would have on his life and he would have on CBB’s.

Jonathan, or as many CBB campers, staff and alumni refer to him, “Piv”, began his CBB career as a camper waiter in 1969. He continued on to be a Pathfinder, a B-Boy Staff member, Head of B-Boys and then the Head of CITs in 1978. Following the summer of 1977, Jonathan decided to step away from camp to pursue his passion for teaching. Piv taught math at Sir Robert Borden High School in Ottawa for 27 years, spending the final four years of his teaching career within the guidance department.

Jonathan decided he still needed camp in his life, so he returned as the Assistant Director in 1985, and then transitioned to the Camp Director the following year. He took another absence in the 90’s and returned again in the 80’s.

In 2008, Piv joined the full-time team, spending the following 11 years as the Camp Director. Despite passing the reigns to Cindy in 2019, Piv has remained thoroughly involved in camp operations, providing his extensive expertise and guidance to our full-time team.

For Piv, CBB has been more than just a summer camp. It is the place where he met his wife Heidi (while she was capturing the greased up pig during the “GP Summer Program” of 1972); it is the place where his children called home; and, the place he made lifelong friendships and memories.

For camp, Piv has always been more than “the camp director”. He is, and will always be, part of the CBB family. With that being said, we are thrilled to announce that Jonathan will be the first Camp Director to become a Life Member of the CBB Board of Directors! We have no words to express our appreciation for all the time (days, months, years and even generations) that Piv has devoted to CBB. We know that your ongoing involvement, strong influence, extensive knowledge and experience will remain within the CBB team.

Piv, on behalf of CBB of Ottawa and our entire community, we thank you for your dedication and commitment to the most magical place on earth, our beloved camp.