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Beginning in 2016, Camp B’nai Brith of Ottawa is restructuring the length of our sessions, which are currently 3.5 weeks for both sessions one and two.  For the summer of 2016, session one will be four (4) weeks and session two will be three (3) weeks.  Full session will of course remain at seven (7) weeks.
As well, our 5.5 week Transition Camp session, available to campers in grades 1-6, will be changed to become a six (6) week session and will end on a Sunday.
Our registration policies with respect to the 2-week Starter Program, for children new to overnight camping, will remain unchanged.
As a result of these changes, both sessions one and two will begin and end on Sundays, as will both two (2) week sessions and our six (6) week session.  Visiting Day will remain as it always has – three weeks into camp on a Sunday, but now a full week prior to the end of the first session.

Why are we making this change?

Over the past few years, CBB of Ottawa’s Board of Directors and Senior Staff have heard from many parents on this issue.  As well, questions around camp session lengths have been asked as part of our end-of- summer surveys sent to our camper families.  As a result of this valuable feedback, we have listened to our families, a majority of whom who have noted that such a change, either to session lengths or to the proximity of Visiting Day with the end of the first session, would be favourable.
Based on our many discussions with camper families and the results of our surveys, these changes will address the following issues:
Ending of the 1st session in the middle of the week was seen to be complicated for many families, particularly those having to deal with childcare and/or  the scheduling of  activities at home.
Over the years, parents have questioned having the 1st session end just three days after Visiting Day – noting that it was difficult and inconvenient for either parents, campers or both.
These changes will create less disruption in camp with 1st session campers departing and new campers arriving in camp on a Sunday, a full week after Visiting Day.
Consistent with the above, ending the six (6) week session on a Sunday instead of middle of the week was also deemed more convenient for our families.

2016 Fees and Registration
The Camp B’nai Brith of Ottawa Board of Directors is currently considering our fee structures for 2016.  As soon as the adjusted fee structures have been finalized we will communicate this to our families.
Finally, given these new camp session lengths for 2016, coupled with a consistent increase in families choosing to register  their campers early, CBB of Ottawa will be opening registration for the 2016 summer, much earlier, and possibly as early as Visiting Day this coming summer.  Stay tuned for more details on our registration process, including information on savings available for registering early.
If you have any questions or comments regarding these new changes, please do not hesitate to contact either of us, and of course, these changes will be effective for the summer of 2016, and not before.

Jonathan Pivnick, Director
Michael Polowin, Board Chair