Life & Legacy Program

Camp B’nai Brith of Ottawa, along with thirteen other local Jewish organizations, have made a commitment to work together in support of the future of the Ottawa Jewish community. Together with the Harold Grinspoon Foundation (HGF), we are implementing the Life & Legacy program to help ensure the continuation of CBB of Ottawa.

L’dor v’dor “from generation to generation” – help us celebrate 85 years by ensuring CBB of Ottawa remains for many years to come and stays apart of your family’s legacy. 

Help us continue to celebrate the magic that is CBB of Ottawa…   Be remembered forever with a gift in your will, trust, retirement account, or life insurance policy.”

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Adam & Ari Aronson
Adam Tanner
Barb & Joel Diener
Charlie Ornstein
Danny Chazonoff
Gary Ornstein & Leslie Pokrass
Howard & Melanie Fremeth
Ian Shabinsky
Irvin Hoffman
Jane & Len Shore
Jayson Taller
Jeffrey & Rhoda Miller
Jessica Greenberg
Joshua Engel 

Joshua Rubin
Lenora & Evan Zelikovitz
Linda & Jeff Laks
Lisa & Mitch Miller
Marlo Slipacoff & Chuck Rifici
Max Gennis
Michael & Melanie Polowin
Morris Presser
Rich Lenkov
Robyn Adelson & Rob Weinberg
Samantha & David Lisbona
Stephen & Lana Tanner
Zach Ornstein
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Camp B’nai Brith has served as the summer home to three generations of our family. From tents to cabins, CBB will always be our home away from home. Through the Life & Legacy program, we are leaving a gift that will help ensure the future of CBB. L’dor v’dor. – Rhoda & Jeff Miller

Our family’s involvement with Camp B’nai Brith has spanned three generations; it is our safe place on the bank of the Ottawa River. Our favourite aspect of the camp is that it brings together Canada’s three great Jewish communities in Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto, thus expanding our kids’ friend group beyond their school. Through Life & Legacy, we are leaving a gift to CBB, so that this Eastern Canadian jewel can continue to bring Jewish kids together for another 85 years. – Samantha & David Lisbona

With two generations of alumni in our family, we will always consider Camp B’nai Brith our home away from home. By leaving a gift through the Life & Legacy program, we are supporting future generations of campers and staff so that they can experience the magic of CBB. – Gary Ornstein & Leslie Pokrass, Charlie & Zach Ornstein

We’re excited to be joining 63 other communities who contribute to the Jewish tomorrow…